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Abit NF7 Bios 17

1. This BIOS upgrade is for NF7-S v1.x only.
2. For NF7-S v2.0, please click here.
3. For your motherboard's version number, please click here.
4. Please use AWDFLASH 8.23D or later to update NF7 series BIOS. With incorrect AWDFLASH version, the GUID will be erased, and leads to IEEE1394 peer to peer function failed. AWDFLASH 8.23D is included in this BIOS package.
5. Change the write-protection mechanism of Flash ROM programming.
6. Support Thorton, Throughbred, Barton 2600 CPU.
7. The default value on DRAM Ration changes to'Auto'.
8. Added 'CPU Disconnect Function' option on chipset to turn on/off C1 disconnect.
9. The CPU frequency 1917Mhz revised to 1916MHz.
10. DMI Pool data shows to'socket A'.
11. The default value of 'Memory Timings' revises to 'Optimal'.
12. Fix the problem that system can not detect USB Device under WinME while resume from S3,S4 mode, and lead to usb connector failed.
13. Fix system can not show fan speed in PC Health Status while using lower speed FAN.
14. Add'IDE Bus Master' function to improve transfer speed of GHOST, and default value set up to disabled.
15. Fix the problem while disabled'IDE Controller', and truned off IDE Controller, it would fail to share IRQ 14, 15;thus, IDE Controller would NOT be turned off, it would show 'IDE Controller'IRQ to be 'NA' in PCI list.
16. Provides'AGP aperture size' option for NF7-M, while use on chip VGA.
17. BIOS compile date: 3/27/2003.


The NF7, based on nForce2 chipset (MCP SPP), supports the latest AMD Athlon XP, Barton processors with 200/266/333 FSB (400 FSB support in version 2.0 only), and features new dual 400MHz DDR memory controllers that deliver up to a 50% increase in bandwidth. With the nForce2 MCP. the APU (Audio Processing Unit) delivers cinematic-quality sound and 3D positional audio to your home PC. With cutting-edge features and ABIT Engineering, the NF7 series is the ultimate multimedia platform for the world.

AGP 3.0 8X spec supports high performance graphics processing at a peak bandwidth of 2.1GB/s.

Dual DDR 400
Dual DDR combines the power of DDR400 with two 64-bit independent memory controllers, the 128-bit memory controller integrated on chip provides up to 6.4 GB/sec bandwidth for system memory, and gives you highest performance and cost-effective platform.

ABIT CPU H.T.P (Hardware Thermal Protection)
ABIT CPU H.T.P. uses pure hardware detection, which not like others use software detection to prevent CPU overheating. ABIT CPU H.T.P provides more reliable result for customers?investment.

ABIT SoftMenu Overclocking
The overclocking function includes CPU frequency, Vcore, multiplier, chipset & DDR voltage and AGP VDDQ voltage adjustment available to maximize your system performance.

6-Channel Audio
Lets you enjoy 6-channel audio without having to buy advanced sound cards.

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Download Abit NF7 Bios 17

License: Freeware Price: Free
Description:CPU Designed for Intel® socket 775 processors with 1333/1066 MHz FSBSupport
License: Freeware Price: Free
Description:LGA 775Intel® P43/ ICH10FSB 1333Dual DDR2 800PCI-E X16SATA 3GGigabit LAN7.1 CH H
License: Freeware Price: Free
Fixes:Update CPU Micro code to support Athlon 4X50 series and Sempron X2 CPU.It is highly recomm
License: Freeware Price: Free
Fixes:Update CPU Micro code to support Athlon 4X50 series and Sempron X2 CPU.It is highly recomm
License: Freeware Price: Free
The first release of the Abit NF-M2PV Bios 10.It is highly recommended to always use the most re
License: Freeware Price: Free
Fixes:Update CPU Micro code to support Athlon 4X50 series and Sempron X2 CPU.It is highly recomm
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